Vaccinating Americans Could Take 10 Years at Current Pace

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A new NBC analysis has determined that President Trumps Operation Warp Speed could take up to 10 years at the current vaccination rate. This isn’t a very hopeful rate in regards to getting this pandemic under control.

Vice-President Mike Pence is leading Operation Warp Speed between the public and private sector. The goal is to administer vaccines to 80 percent of the US Population (330 million people) by mid-June 2020. In order to meet that goal approximately 3 million people would need to be vaccinated each day.

In the first two weeks 11.5 million doses were distributed but only 2 million of those have already been administered. The majority of those 2 million vaccines have been given to front line health care professionals and some nursing home personnel.

Some of the roll outs have been slow. Georgia recently started administering vaccines though the vaccine was approved almost 3 weeks ago. Many of the first doses were given to nursing home professionals.

On Tuesday, president-elect Joe Biden had some comments about the roll out of Operation Warp Speed.

“We are grateful to the companies, doctors, scientists, researchers and clinical trial participants and Operation Warp Speed for developing the vaccines quickly,” he said. “But as I long feared and warned, the effort to distribute and administer the vaccine is not progressing as it should.”

Initially the pandemic was downplayed by federal and state local politicians. Now the United States has reported over 336,000 deaths in under a year.

Dr. Brett Giroir stated that there will be 30 million doses of the vaccine distributed in January and another 50 million distributed in February.

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