US PPE Supply Falls Short of Demand Due to Covid-19

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Government officials nationwide on the federal and local level have failed to come up with enough PPE to supply all first responders. As Covid-19 cases surge medical professionals, police officers and fire fighters are resorting to using PPE that offers less protection.

On the federal level the Trump Administration established an ambitious goal to secure 300 million N95 masks, which is nearly one for each American citizen. Unfortunately the administration fell short of that goal and was only able to produce 142 million N95 masks by mid-November. The N95 is a well trusted PPE facemask that helps block up to 95% of small particles and bacteria with its snug around the mouth and nose fit.

During this pandemic the administration has also failed to provide a functional centralized databased designed to help strategically distribute the PPE supply nationwide. The HHS has not followed key recommendations made by Government officials to best handle this crisis in regards to PPE. The Covid-19 response team remains understaffed as many Americans are falling short financially. Texas reported food bank lines that stretched for miles and evictions are being conducted at an unprecedented rate as financial assistance is nearly nonexistent.

States remain closed and the restaurant industry nationwide has predicted up to over 100,000 restaurants have already closed their doors. Fine dining establishments in California are suffering as Governor Newsom implemented a ban on outdoor and indoor dining. Pickup and delivery is available but fine dining does not perform well on the rideshare delivery app based sector.

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