LAUSD Superintendent Beutner Says Students Must Vaccinate

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Los Angeles United School District Superintendent Austin Beutner has stated students must take Covid-19 vaccine once it is widely available. Beutner also stated schools should reopen in accordance with the state and will not be directly reliant on vaccine participation.

Beutner acknowledged that receiving a Covid-19 vaccine is in line with other vaccines on typical vaccine schedules such as “Measles or Mumps”. County officials announced that teachers and essential workers would be eligible to receive the vaccine in early February.

California persists to be one of the Covid-19 capitals in the country topping over 30,000 deaths this month. The idea of a vaccine is being welcomed by those who were first hesitant.

President Trumps Operation Warp Speed allowed for vaccine development and research to be completed in as little as 7-8 months. The FDA has currently certified two vaccines from Moderna and medical giant Pfizer. AstraZeneca is also in the race to produce and distribute vaccinations on a large scale in the US.

Dr. Robert Frenck stated that though children are not typically identified as super spreaders of Covid-19 the possibility still lingers. Dr.Robert Frenck is conducting studies with kids on behalf of Pfizers research initiatives. According to Frenck “At least 1.6 million youth have been infected, 8,000 have been hospitalized and 162 have died from the virus, he noted.”

Though the elderly and immune compromised are typically the most at risk of succumbing to Covid-19, the spread from child to grandparent/caretaker is a real and potential threat. City officials continue to urge residents to stay vigilant with CDC guidelines.

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