How COVID-19 is Changing the Way We Use Technology

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When this is over and done with, we are all going to be tech geniuses! Well, maybe not quite, but we will all be better off technology-wise than we were before. Between very young children utilizing Zoom features and older adults using interactive online training software that they hadn’t before, most of us around the world have been thrown into the proverbial technology fire. We either embrace it, or burn up. 

Take a look at what types of technology individuals are turning to during this crazy time and what that means for technology trends going forward. 

Video Chat Platforms

This is an obvious one. With platforms like Zoom, Duo, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and good old Skype, students and employees are able to continue their day-to-day work via video chat. And these aren’t just for “chatting.” Zoom, for instance, has numerous features and tools to help present information, increase interaction, and promote collaboration. 

Did you know that Zoom has breakout sessions, and the admin of the chat can split users up into multiple groups away from the main chat, then bring everyone back together after an allotted time? A teacher using Zoom with his/her class can remotely give control to a student and have them write, draw, or use other tools to answer questions or present something. These interactive/collaborative features are making e-learning much easier and more like an actual classroom. 

Here is a quick blog from Zoom that describes some of the features many people aren’t aware of. 

Entertainment Apps

We don’t just want to work, work, work and learn, learn, learn. We want to play too! Since many people around the world are quarantined or don’t feel comfortable getting out even in areas that have reopened, an innovative way to stay connected to friends and to celebrate special occasions together is through gaming and entertaining apps. 

HouseParty is the number one app in this category. Want to get several friends together to play online games such as various versions of Heads Up, trivia games, and Chips and Guac, which is similar to Apples to Apples. 

A report from TechCrunch states that “Houseparty revealed that in the past month, its app has seen 50 million sign-ups — a figure that’s around 70 times above normal in some markets.” 

A few other gaming apps that have risen in downloads/plays during the pandemic include Jackbox Games, Facebook Games, and Bunch

Things to Make Life Easier

Lastly, if you are done working and playing and you just want to live, there are ways in which technology is making life easier for us all.

QR codes in restaurants to look up the menu is the latest trend—some even allow you to pay electronically through the site, as well as pre-pay for valet. This not only keeps everyone away from germs by not having to physically handle a menu, cards, or cash, but it keeps the money in the hands of the customer, which some may prefer. 

Telemedicine is on the rise. Now anyone can either call or video chat with their healthcare provider instead of going into a clinic or hospital. This remains an extremely convenient option for both doctor and patient. There is no paperwork to complete, no driving across the city, no parking fee, no long waits in a waiting room, and no contact with germs. 

Instacart-type options for grocery shopping have definitely risen. Almost every major grocery store, including Walmart, offers online grocery shopping and delivery. It is so much more convenient, especially for people who are at-risk and need to stay home for an extended period of time.

All in all technology and innovation are increasing and big tech companies are understanding more of what people want and need. Individuals who wouldn’t have normally used certain apps and platforms are now embracing it. After the pandemic is over, we should see a continuation in the use of these types of technology, as people are realizing how convenient, productive, and entertaining they can be. 

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