CA Stay at Home Order Extended, Moderna Vaccine Rollout & Testing Increases

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As the new year approaches Covid-19 cases continue to increase with not much relief in sight. The vaccines rolled out to first responders early last week yet wont be distributed to the majority of the country until Summer 2021. As free government sponsored testing clinics & urgent care establishments across the country ramp up testing, positive Covid tests increases as well. As a result, states like California and New York are imposing new restrictions on its citizens. Lets unpack some of the latest Covid-19 related news and topics.

Governor Newsom Will “Most Likely” Extend Stay at Home Orders
California Governor Gavin Newsom stated that he will most likely extend stay at home orders across the state of California for an additional 3 weeks. In the Governors latest restrictions outdoor dining was closed. Initially the end date for Southern Californias 3 week stay at home order was set to end on December 30th, but Covid-19 cases continue to grow rapidly. Hospitals and medical facilities across California are reportedly overwhelmed and ICU’s (Intensive Care Units) have no more room to take care of Covid patients.

A strain on ICU’s and hospital emergency rooms mean that other routine surgeries are being delayed. This poses a great risk for both Covid patients and patients who need hip, heart, cosmetic and other slightly less urgent surgeries.

Aside from the medical world, the restaurant industry is suffering across California. Many dining establishments invested money in their outdoor patio space and barely broke even when operating at a limited capacity. Now restaurateurs are being told they can’t serve diners indoors or outdoors. Many establishments can not survive on take out alone and will be forced to shut down due to financial hardship.

Moderna and Pfizer Vaccine are Being Deployed

With Covid-19 cases surpassing 18 million cases nationwide, the Nation is finally seeing Vaccines roll out to first responders. Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have received safety & FDA certifications.

Though the vaccines have been tested and deployed many Americans are questioning the safety and efficacy of these vaccines. Groups across social media are now sharing a video of a Chicago area nurse who fainted on live television during a press conference just a mere 17 minutes after receiving the vaccine. The CDC states that fainting after receiving a vaccine is not uncommon.

One of the first recipients of the vaccine was a doctor in Texas who has worked a consecutive 277 days dealing with Covid patients. For many medical professionals the vaccine is voluntary and not mandatory. Many health professionals side with the FDA’s ruling on the vaccine and feel it’s completely safe to administer.

President elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden received the Pfizer vaccine last Monday in Delaware. President Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” allowed for the testing and the deployment vaccine in under 8 months.

Covid Testing Sites Increase Across the Nation

The majority of states across the nation like California, Massachusetts, New York and Oregon for example have set up extensive and widespread free testing clinics across the country. Urgent Care Centers nationwide as well have also upped their testing capabilities nationwide in order to keep up with supply and demand of millions of curious Americans. Many Americans are traveling this holiday season regardless of stay at home orders in place.

Free Covid tests can take anywhere from 24 hours to well over 96 hours for results to roll in due to a backlog of PCR tests. These PCR tests are administered to the nasal cavity and sent over to a lab.

Typically, Urgent Care Centers administer a rapid antigen test which can produce positive or negative results for Covid-19 in as little as 15 minutes. These tests appeal to citizens who need results right away for traveling or fear they have been exposed to someone who has Covid.

One rapid test that is very popular amongst Urgent Care Centers is the CareStart Rapid Antigen Test. This test is manufactured right in the United States and reports with up to 88.4% specificity which is very impressive considering results are produced in such a short period of time.

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