The U.S. Reports Over 21 Million Covid Cases

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Total reported Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic reached over 21 million in the United States this Wednesday. ICU’s across the nation are beyond capacity and hospitals are getting creative by utilizing parking lots and hallways to accommodate more ICU beds.

This Tuesday over 130,000 people were reported to be in the hospital with the deadly virus. On Tuesday 3,684 reported fatalities makes it the second deadliest day since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

At this rate this means one American dies every 24 seconds from Covid. Over 357,000 deaths have been recorded since the start which equates to about one in every 914 Americans have died from Covid. Public Health Authorities in California are advising patients who are scheduled for less critical surgeries to push their procedures back by three weeks.

With healthcare systems reaching a breaking point the attention is focused on both FDA approved virus vaccine providers Moderna and Pfizer. With little direction from federal government state and local officials have had to leap into action in order to provide these vaccines to tens of millions of citizens. The logistical process is a challenge.

Here are how some of the states are managing distrubution: 

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper on Tuesday mobilized the state’s National Guard to “provide support to local health providers” to more quickly distribute coronavirus vaccines.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan also announced that emergency support teams from the state’s National Guard will lend a hand to local health departments in their vaccination efforts.

In New York City, where Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo have sparred over slow vaccine administration, officials said on Wednesday the city was ramping up its “vaccine hubs,” which would include 15 locations by Jan. 16, five “mega sites” among them. The sites will have the capacity to vaccinate 100,000 New Yorkers a week, official said.

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