Nursing Homes: High at Risk for Covid-19

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As Covid-19 aka Corona Virus continues to devastate the nation and world in large one group is most at risk. Elderly folks above the age of 65 make up approximately 80% of all Covid deaths. One area that has health professionals focusing their concern is nursing homes. A Yale professor recently reported that half of all Covid deaths in 14 states across the nation come from elderly care facilities. The Kaiser Family Foundation also mentioned that only 33 states report on nursing home related deaths to begin with.

The northeast in particular where weather has been inconsistent as expected has some stunning data regarding elderly care facilities and Corona Virus. Both Connecticut and New Hampshire have reported some Covid case numbers that are raising eyebrows. In New Hampshire nearly 72 percent of all Covid deaths have stemmed from nursing homes. In Connecticut 194 of 216 have had at least one Covid-19 case.

So where do some of the problems stem from. Lets start with testing. Health care professionals nationwide still do not have access to easy and affordable Covid-19 testing kits for all to be tested with. Elderly care facilities deserve for all residents and health care professionals working there to be tested to help slow the spread. Most elderly care facilities and nursing homes have been closed to the public to help keep the elderly population safe. Young carriers of Covid-19 have displayed no symptoms and pose a great threat to the elderly.

Washington State was one of the first areas where Covid-19 had a break out. In one nursing home in Kirkland, 80 of 130 residents fell ill with a unknown respiratory illness which was eventually identified as Covid-19. Many of the Covid deaths in the United States in early March could be traced back to Washington. This prompted Tom Frieden former head of the CDC to ask the Federal Government for a ban on all nursing home visits until further notice. From April 19th to May 8th approx. 13,000 perished in elderly care facilities according to NBC.

When can we expect a vaccine? That still remains a mystery. As of now state guidelines ask citizens to remain vigilant, wear PPE, social distance and stay home. For all of your PPE needs in Los Angeles reach out to us here at Terratori.


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